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Welcome to the Second Renaissance wiki!

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What is this "wiki"?

A wiki allows everyone to contribute to a knowledge commons — our digital shared garden. This wiki is not as encyclopedic as Wikipedia, though it may look similar because it uses the same software. Our goal here is to provide useful, engaging and stimulating descriptive reference material for the concept of the Second Renaissance, a broad movement of cultural evolution arising in response to civilizational crisis and awakening in this time between worlds. Most pages, then, are not expected to be comprehensive, but instead to focus on the useful aspects of topics in the context of "2R".

Here's how you can help!

If you want to contribute to this wiki, please create an account for yourself, then fill in your User page with your name and any contact details you wish to share. Every contributor should create and maintain a user page: they help us collaborate on our wiki work and don't pollute the main "space" of the wiki.

If you have also created any work of significance to the Second Renaissance, please create a regular page with your name as the title. We call this a Person page, and you should link to it from your User page. Inside your Person page, add your relevant interests, experience, affiliations, and any research questions that you either have addressed, are investigating, or are just interested in following.

These are early days for this wiki, and there is much to do. You are welcome to: look at the structure of this wiki; add some of the Wiki work appreciated; attend a 2R Movement Meeting, and/or just dive in!

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