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Notability in wikis refers primarily to answer the question of "what deserves its own page?" Wikipedia's Notability guidelines are famously complicated and strict due to their scale; ours are much more relaxed.

When should I create a new page here in the Second Renaissance wiki?

If you've said in a conversation with someone "oh yeah, somebody should put that in the wiki" then do it!

We do want pages to have an explicit relevance to the Second Renaissance, not just the world at large. So add in your description what that relevance is, as you see it. Others can add other aspects of relevance as Commentary.

If the relevance of a potential new page is not obvious, go have a conversation on the 2R Discord or the Life Itself Research group

Further guidance on "relevance"

For people: create pages for people who have done something relevant e.g. authored a work, founded an organization, or contributed to something in the scene/space. Any contributor to this wiki may also create a person page for themselves, as we find it relevant that they are contributing to this work.

For organizations: create pages for organizations that are "in" or "adjacent to" the 2R movement, or else are doing something relevant (even against!) to movement concerns. The boundary is necessarily fuzzy, and we don't need to have a majority of contributors agree. Just try not to include organisations that are irrelevant or only marginally so: then we won't dilute the "signal" with "noise".

For concepts: create pages for concepts where a handle (link to an explanation of the concept) is useful in allowing people to use/reference the concept elsewhere while being friendly to those who may not already know what it means. The goal here is to create concept pages with very short names that can be used verbatim to link from other pages. If two terms are for closely related concepts, link between them; if they are just synonyms or alternate terms for the same concept, create or keep the preferred term and make redirects from the alternate terms.

For questions: TODO