Concept list

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Here are the links from the previous material merged with the old README We have no distinction between concepts and buzzwords. We call this just “Concepts”, because there is no incontestable way to say what are "key".

These BY NO MEANS constitute a definitive list: they are no more than a starting point. If you find any topic of interest, and you are happy to curate it, please start a page about it. I suggest we follow the Wikipedia convention for capitalization: only the first word to be capitalized, unless it is a Proper Name.

For each page here, the idea is roughly this:

  • put a short definition / clarification / disambiguation so that readers of this wiki know what we intend by the term
  • link to the Wikipedia article, if present, and note any divergence between our view and Wikipedia
  • link to the most useful and relevant sources of information on this topic.
  • have a "Commentary" and an "Emergent questions" section on each page.

The list so far: please add or suggest on the Discussion page