2R Movement Meeting

From Second Renaissance

This page describes a weekly meeting that serves as the "heartbeat" of the movement.

There are four types of meetings:

  • 2R Mixer meeting
  • 2R Work party
    • Doing a collaborative and/or parallelizable "barn raising" type of work together, where many hands makes for light work. This wiki is an obvious candidate.
  • 2R Research review
  • 2R Curation meeting
    • Stewarding, organizing, strategizing, operationalizing

Meeting notes

2024-06-18 Curator meeting

Present: Danielle, James, Lauren, Rufus, Simon

Apologies: Catherine

  • The first social hangout meeting (1h) - 9th July confirmed led by Danielle and Lauren
  • Where are we heading towards next? Did a brainstorm. Will review and finalize next time.
  • Forum (discourse vs discord) Stick without discourse for now and use discord