From Second Renaissance

Wiki pages can contain "tags" which mark them as members of "Categories", which are essentially lists.

Primary categories of pages on this wiki:

  • People
  • Organizations
  • Works (works relevant to the Second Renaissance, including: publications, videos, blog articles, narratives, stories, etc.)
  • Concepts: ideas (TODO: work through the old Concept list page)
  • Questions: research-y questions that are relevant, not-easily-answerable, and long-lived)
  • About: pages about the wiki itself and its organization and governance

Adding a page to a category

To take People as an example: There is a Category:People page which has a list of all the pages that are tagged with the People category.

To put a page in the People Category either

  • (in the default "Visual editing" mode) click on "Categories" inside the Page Options (3 horizontal lines) menu
  • (in the "Source editing" mode) add a tag in the format [[Category:People]]

You can see every category on the whole wiki on the Special:Categories page.

(Note: Special:CategoryTree is not relevant unless/until we get into using subcategories)