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Here's the Second Renaissance landing page if you want that.

Welcome to this wiki

Here we want to have a short description of the purpose and intended content of the wiki. Let's draft and decide on this collectively.

We are just building it now, and assembling ideas for the structure of this wiki.

Here's how to join in

If you are seriously interested in contributing to this wiki, then please create an account for yourself, and fill in your user page, with your name, any contact details you wish to share, and a link to your research page if you have one.

If you have yourself created anything that is of significant relevance to our research areas, then please make a research page with your name, in addition to your User: page, so that any resources you have authored or contributed to can be easily cross-linked to you. Add your research interests and experience, and any research questions that you either have addressed, are investigating, or are just interested in following.

Below here, we are just starting with the material moved over from the the previous prototype wiki. So this page currently does not contain what we intend: that will emerge we hope over the coming weeks. Members of the wider Life Itself research community will be contributing to building this wiki into a kind of knowledge commons around one of the two main declared research areas of Life Itself: what we call "Second Renaissance". (The other one is Deliberately Developmental Spaces!)

Overviews & Maps

These are the kinds of link that can helpfully be put or stay on this main page.


There is a Category:People page which has a list of all the pages that are tagged with the People category.

To do

  • Guidance (policy) on how to contribute
  • Templates for various kinds of contribution
  • Categories

Help topics that came with this page and not yet moved to a better place

Need help? No problem! To start, try checking out these helpful links:

I still don't understand X!

Well, that's no problem. Even if something isn't explained in the documentation/FAQ, we are still happy to help you. You can find us here:

Questions about this page

To Simon Grant please.