The Memetic Tribes of Culture War 2.0

From Second Renaissance


Emerge Commentary on Memetic Tribes


  • 33 “Memetic Tribes” of the political landscape, e.g. Social Justice Activists; Occupy; Post-Rationalists; Establishment Right; Trumpists; Alt-Right; Incels.
  • Most wouldn’t be included as tribes or centres of the Second Renaissance. Only one clearly part of Second Renaissance: Integral Theorists
  • 🔥 Dimensions mapped:
    • Telos (aspiration)
    • Sacred Values
    • Master Status
    • Existential Threats
    • Combatants
    • Campfire (physical and online spaces where the tribe gathers/hangs out, e.g. Twitter, Youtube, Campuses, Streets, etc.)
    • Chieftains
    • Mental Models
    • Forebears