From Second Renaissance

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  • ✍️ Created by: Brandon Nørgaard (Founder of the Enlightened Worldview Project) and collaborators
  • 📅 Date: 2022
  • 📃 Description: “The table […] lists various distinct approaches to addressing the meta-crisis. These are primarily categorized based on the thought perspective or value meme that would essentially be the center of gravity of whatever worldview upon which the given approach would be based.”
  • 🎨 Type: Article; Table; Inheritance diagram
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  • 37 “Worldview, Memetic Tribe, or Project Name”, e.g. Solarpunk, Radical Feminism, Revolutionary Anti-Capitalism, Dark Renaissance, Game B, Folk-Bildung 3.0, Conscious Evolution, Metamodern Spiritualist, Web3, The Regenerative Renaissance / Bio-Transformation
  • Multiple of these would probably fit within Second Renaissance field
  • Dimensions:
    • Approach to Addressing the Meta-Crisis
    • Thought Perspective/vMeme
    • Intellectual Lineage
    • Tribe of Transformation (refers to Rowson’s piece)
    • Implementation
    • Proponents
    • Associated Organizations
    • Core Information Sources